CIG Valued Representation: Knowledge and Experience

Our Mission: To always do our best to provide our clients with the most up to date and creative level of service in acquisition or disposition of their business investments.

Constantly increasing entrepreneurial spirit has fueled the demand for all types of businesses. In United States today, there are approximately 25 million privately held companies. As this demand continues to grow, CIG intends to push forward in delivering the most effective and reliable service to clients. The strength of CIG comes from its team members; every members are from all walks of life with variety of experiences and knowledge; in turn, we are able to provide a diverse service to our clients.

Keep in mind that we are in a dynamic world where things change fast constantly. One needs a team who can not only keep up with all the changes but also be able to stay ahead of the race. It’s on thing to be able to evaluate historical data and come up with appropriate value but it’s another level to be able to anticipate and see the upcoming challenges.

Business Brokerage

With the ever-increasing demand for various types of businesses, the role of business broker has become more important than ever. Buying or Selling a business can be one of the most complicated processes involving a variety of people and agencies; this leaves much room for many things to go wrong. Without the assistance of qualified and licensed business broker, one can easily fall into a whole lot of headaches and legal problems.

Role of a Business Broker

  • Properly evaluate a business and find the appropriate monetary value.
  • Determine a proper marketing strategy to sell a business.
  • Assist in locating the most compatible business for buyers.
  • Business Consultation.
  • Business Plan development.
  • Offer professional and viable recommendations.
  • Negotiations

Business Investments

In steps developing a business, financing investment is a crucial element in the process. Many great new ideas often do not make it to its full potential due to lack of funding.
CIG team not only has a vast amount of knowledge and experience in packaging a business investment financing but, over the years, they have created a close relationship with various lending partners; they are able to move through the process in a most efficient manner. CIG team also has relationships with other alternative sources of capital funding as well: these may come in the form of private equity investments from private investment groups or institutions.

Business Consultation

Over the years, CIG team members have helped its clients with a various level of business experience. It became early on that CIG needed to be able to offer other business related services as well. With today's busy schedule, it became necessary for us to offer a more one-stop business service to our clients.

Here is the brief summary of CIG's Business Consultation services:

  • Business Plan development
  • Business Market analysis
  • Business Appraisal
  • Licensing Administration
  • Product Development and Investments
  • Assistance with E2/EB5 Visa filings

Next Steps...

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